COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment  

KN95 Face Mask, Disposable Face Mask, Handgloves & Hand Sanitizer 

Dear Valued Customers, as business, cities, and states start to reopening, we are working tirelessly to ensure that we keep our core accessory products in stock and replenished.  


Cozbee Wireless has gained direct access to some of the top manufacturers of face masks, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizer. We have a unlimited supply of stock available locally. Ensure your employees, team members and staff are safe during these times. Orders may be purchased in bulk. Please contact us to purchase now!

KN95 Standard Duty Face Mask
Disposable Face Shield
Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Disposable Face Mask
Nitrile & Latex Gloves
Hand Sanitizer
KN95 Standard Duty Face Mask w/ ventilator
 Gallon Disinfectant Cleaner with Bleach
Child Protective Mask 
Reusable Face Shield
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 33.8oz
20pk Antibacterial Hand Wipes
Infrared Thermometer
75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 13.5oz
 Gallon of Unscented Hand Sanitizer
32oz Bottle Disinfectant Spray
Full Body Mask Suit
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